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PC Slow / Crashing / Freezing 
Don't put up with the frustration of a computer that keeps crashing or runs painfully slow.  This is very common and is easily fixed with our routine health check.

Back-Up Solutions Provided
Everyone now knows that they ought to be backing up their documents and precious photos but few people actually do it.
  We can provide back up solutions and advice and supply the necessary hardware and also the software to automate your back ups.

Virus Removal & Prevention
Any computer connected to the internet is likely to have a virus unless steps have been taken to prevent them.
  We can recommend, supply and install anti virus software at our special half price rate.  If your PC is infected, we have the latest tools to scan for and remove viruses.

Software Installation
Are you having problems installing certain software or perhaps you have installed software, which has had unexpected side effects or caused conflicts with existing software? We can help resolve your software problems.

Drivers & Updates Installed
Has your sound card stopped working or your video resolution not as good as it could be?  These can often be fixed by reinstalling or updating drivers.

Spyware & Adware Removal
This could be anything from continuous irritating pop-ups (often of a pornographic nature) to a PC that runs very slow for no apparent reason.  These kind of problems are becoming more frequent and more serious.  They can be among the hardest computer problems to deal with.  We have the latest tools for the job.

Data Recovery Service
Your hardware may be under guarantee but no one will take responsibility for your data.  We can recover your valuable data from a corrupted or damaged hard drive.


Hardware Supplied & Fitted
We can supply hardware at better prices than you would find in the High Street.  Not only that, we can fit it or configure it for you too.  Ask us about CD or DVD drives, Monitors, Printers, ADSL Modems, Wireless Routers etc.  Most common hardware components are kept in stock.

Upgrades Carried Out
As today's software gets more demanding we have to try and keep our computers up to the required spec.  We can add more memory, bigger hard drives, better video cards and faster processors so it's not always necessary to buy a brand new PC.

Internet & Email Problems
Probably the most important application of today's PC's whether in the home or the office.  We can get your broadband connected and your email working properly.

Spam (Junk Mail) Stopped!
Tired of Spam?  Much more than half the email sent around the world is unwanted. We have the tools to trap over 98% of your junk mail!  Ask for our advice.

Networks / Broadband / Wi-Fi
We specialise in setting up your Broadband connection.  If you have more than one computer then we can connect them all to the internet or allow file and printer sharing over a wireless or wired network.

Training Provided
Not everyone finds it easy to navigate their way round a computer desktop.  We can provide one-to-one training at your own pace whether it be an introduction to the internet, sending emails or getting to grips with Microsoft Office applications such as word processing or photo printing.

Website Design, Email & Domain Hosting
We run our own web servers and are able to design and host your website.  We also provide email services and domain names at competitive rates.  Ask us for further details or click on


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